When we decided to start True North Investments, we were in search of a name that echoed the belief and convictions of our hearts. We were looking to start a business that puts clients first, treats clients like family, and focuses on a greater calling.  When looking at a compass, there is one direction that is not affected by the magnetic poles.   That direction is True North.  We strive to fulfill the promise ingrained in our name, and that promise is staying true to who we are and focusing on what we can control.  In all aspects of life, having a True North is essential.  Without a direction, there is not a final destination.  We want to help you find your True North and reach the destination that you set for your future.

From his time in the Boy Scouts, Aaron learned about orienteering and the significance of the Magnetic North.  The magnetic poles can pull a novice navigator away from their destination, but True North is not affected by magnetic poles.  Therefore, True North is a steadfast position which is why we decided to name our company after this idea.

In life, in business, and in financial planning, you need to have a True North.  It becomes that steadfast position to check your progress.  Sometimes life can be challenging and difficult to navigate.  With the help of our team at True North Investments, we will take the guesswork out of your financial future.  We will help guide you financially every step of the way.

What are our Values?

Our values are rooted in our Christian beliefs.  We value open and honest communication as it is the cornerstone of any meaningful relationship.  Our clients are a part of our family, and we believe that by taking the time to fully explain and educate our clients, we can guide them toward their financial goals.

What do we Believe?

We believe in the Golden Rule, all the time, no matter what.  We treat our clients like we would like to be treated.  The only way to be a trusted guide for our clients is to get to know them at a deep and meaningful level.  We believe in taking the time to understand our clients’ fears, needs, and desires.

What is our Purpose?

Our purpose is to guide our clients from where they are currently, to their desired retirement destination.  By monitoring each client’s progress, we will help move them onto their chosen path. Through our guidance, we will assist our clients in reaching their goals, dreams, and aspirations that they have for retirement. We want to help our clients begin a financial path that will benefit their children and their children’s children.  Through helping our clients leave a legacy, which is more involved than just money, we hope to create a legacy of our own. We want to be known in the community for the quality financial guidance and clarity we give our clients.

What Causes are important to us?

Our local community is the most important to us.  We believe a more financially educated community leads to a community with less poverty. With better financial education, more people can reach their financial goals and change future generations for their families.  We would like to be a beacon of light to shine needed expertise toward financial education in our community.



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