Why True North Investments?

When we decided to start True North Investments, we were in search of a name that echoed the beliefs and convictions of our hearts.  We were looking to start a business that puts clients first, treats clients like family, and focuses on a greater calling.

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Aaron Mabon

Financial Advisor, Owner
Why, Why, why? I am sure as a I child that I drove my parents crazy. Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed learning about new things and trying to...

Summer Deal

Financial Advisor, Owner
When I was in Fifth-Grade, I had a teacher who tremendously shaped my hopes and dreams for the future. Mrs. Stevenson was someone that I looked up to...

Lisa Ray

Office Manager
Lisa is a LaGrange native and Troup County Tiger. She is the proud mother of her son Russ, who is graduating this year from LaGrange College. When...

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How Do I Get Started?

Meet with Summer or Aaron

We will give you a complimentary assessment of your current financial progress and find out how we can best guide you.

Custom Success Report

We will gather statements and ask questions so we can create a report that will show you if you are on track to reach your financial goals.

Help You Execute the Report

We will show you the results of the success report and plan a way to achieve your goals.